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Adesike Erondu, CPA

Adesike Erondu is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with over two decades of experience in financial reporting, consolidation, and treasury management.  Early in her career, between 2003 - 2005, Adesike worked as an auditor with Rubino and McGeehin, performing audits of government contractors and not-for-profit entities and managing employee benefits plans. Adesike also completed tax returns for individuals, non-profits, and charities.

In 2006, Adesike transitioned to HMHost, managing all accounting-related activities for over 40 HMHost Joint Venture (JV) contracts. Her role included reconciling the payable and receivable accounts, managing fixed assets billings, preparing financial statements, and disbursing profits to the firm’s partners.

In 2008, Adesike joined Lockheed Martin Corporation.  She started in the Corporate Consolidation group, where she and her team were responsible for managing the execution of monthly financial accounting close processes, consolidations of the subsidiary’s financials, and producing financial accounting statements with corroborating supporting documents for the quarterly reports (10-Q) and Annual reports (10-K).

In 2016, Adesike was promoted to Foreign Exchange (FX) Manager in the Treasury Department. Her team managed all foreign exchange transactions with over $4 billion in notional values spread across more than 15 different external banks. Her involvements included managing the process from contract bidding through contract awards, in other words, pricing foreign-denominated flows to mitigate bid-to-award risks, executing forward contracts upon contract awards, and managing the monthly hedge accounting for all contracts executed with external banks.

As a seasoned CPA, Adesike has worked on multiple accounting systems and workflow systems implementations geared towards eliminating nonvalue add processes.  Adesike is determined to deliver the best results to her clients. 

After two decades of experience, Adesike is bringing her experience to you.  In January 2023, Adesike started her own independent CPA consulting firm, Greater Height Consultants LLC (GHC).  GHC provides financial accounting services and partners with other corporations on a County, State, and Federal level for accounting-related services contracts.

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